Comfortable Texture Foam Self-adhesive Elastic Wrap Bandage 5cm*4.5m (Blue)

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– Self-adhesive foam plaster is an extremely comfortable, cohesive, low-allergy, conforming bandage. It is elastic, absorbent, endures water  and can be used together with ointments or cream. 


– Self-adhesive foam plaster is excellent for use on toes, legs, arms and hands. It is also self-adhesive and does not stick to skin, hair or wounds. 


– Extremely versatile, it combined with lambs wool or felt can also be used to create interdigital toe splints and temporary orthoses.


– Does not stick to skin, hair or wounds, and there is no glue residue, and only sticks to itself.


– Can be used together with ointments and cream, and forms easily with the movements of joints and is comfortable to use.


– Not necessary to clean dirt or grease from the skin prior to use (wound must be cleaned).


– Fits under gloves.


– Ideal on bleeding wounds as it absorbs blood.


– Adheres in water and the bandage does not fall off even when wet


– Low-allergy,  and LATEX FREE.


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